Big Island Spectacular

Big Island Spectacular: One-hour 45-min. tour, plus optional 15-min. stop in Hilo. Departs from Waikoloa.

Experience a truly epic adventure! Explore the Big Island's incomparable natural beauty and the awe-inspiring fury of Madame Pele's volcanic badlands. Seek out the most spectacular lava flows, and witness the majestic Hamakua Coast's black-sand beaches and towering sea cliffs. Fly into the dramatically deep and meandering valleys of the Kohala Mountains, and hover by gorgeous waterfalls that cascade thousands of feet into lush rainforest. Truly unforgettable. Tour routes and sights visited may vary according to wind and weather conditions.

Optional Waterfall Landing! Make your Complete Big Island tour even more unforgettable. Our optional landing at Naka'oka on the Kohala Coast, with its spectacularly beautiful 1200-ft. waterfall, gives you a one-of-a-kind photo and video opportunity during 20-25 minutes on the ground. Get up close and personal with the real Hawaii: unspoiled, untouched, magnificent. Just $150 per person additional.

from $559.00
per person