About Us

Uncover the Unseen Hawaii

That phrase under our name is more than just a slogan. It's our mission, our passion, and our promise to you. Everything we do at Hawaii Helicopters is meant to bring you closer to the true essence of Hawaii than you ever thought possible...closer to places and experiences you can't imagine and will never forget.

The end result of this commitment is, for our guests, a phenomenal aerial event that's the highlight of their vacation. But accomplishing this, time and time again, requires thousands of important decisions every day, even every hour, by our pilots, mechanics, staff, and crew—in other words, our entire team. And it requires foresight and insider knowledge as well.

This explains how we're able to identify incredible landing spots at remote and spectacular waterfalls, and secure an exclusive "access granted" pass for our guests. And it's why every one of our expert pilots is also a State of Hawaii Certified Tour Guide, so that they can help you appreciate the myths and legends, geology and ecology, of the world's most beautiful islands.

This, in a conch shell, is what we're all about at Hawaii Helicopters. Uncovering the unseen Hawaii, to let you feel the magic of her awe-inspring hidden secrets.